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Here you can listen to some of ESQ's material. We've picked five tracks from the September Sessions CD (December 2006) and our Fistful of Jazz CD (September 2008) for you to listen to. All songs on these CDs are in our current repertoire. You can purchase either CD or if you buy both CDs then you can get them at a discounted rate.

A Fistful of Jazz Samples - View Details of all 14 Tracks here
A Fistful of Jazz
CD Price : £7.99  
1. Seven Years
2. Fascinating Rhythm
3. The Very Thought of You
4. Summertime
5. Moondance
September Sessions Samples - View details of all 13 tracks here
September Sessions
CD Price : £7.99  
1. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
2. I Wish I Knew (How if felt to be free)
3. Material Girl
4. It Don't Mean a Thing (if it aint got that swing)
5. Moon River
Purchase two CDs and get them at the discounted price of £11.99 + p&p
A Fistful of Jazz
  September Sessions
Andrew Booth

Andy Booth

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